downstairs living room

December has been extremely warm this year. We don't yet have the house properly insulated, so I consider us to be lucky.

We even ran the oil tank completely dry on some of the the coldest days so far this winter, but even those days were mild.

Our living room, where we're nursing our young flowers and house plants.

downstairs front office, exposed bathroom

We connecting the wash room off of the dining room to the downstairs office bathroom. The plaster is down on most of the wall, and now the studs out that once framed the added bathroom. Soon the old chimney stack will re-emerge (above).

downstairs dining room wall (exposed lath)

The wall pictured above separates the dining room from the kitchen. It's a shame that all of this must come down, but hopefully we can frame in a new, wooden feature wall.

downstairs wash room wall (exposed lath and interior wall)

We exposed wall between the dining room and downstairs front office. We will also re-frame this area to combine it with the adjacent 'bathroom' space from the downstairs office/guest room.

Our grand kitchen.

Our current 'main' bathroom (above). All this space will be incorporated into the kitchen.

The tool room. Here we'll put a pantry room for the kitchen, a closet, and (in the back area with the newer floor) a bathroom.

The sunroom.

Our pantry room. This will become an upstairs office / bedroom.

The house is getting steadily more comfortable.

And Anna's Christmas present really enhances the space (below).

Now it's time to fill our third dumpster...

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