kitchen rafters and beam

We got the ceiling beam installed! Our builder, Karl, ordered in custom-milled Hemlock planks to match the originals.

With the kitchen ceilings ripped out, my attention turned to staining.

With the kitchen gutted down to the studs, sub-floor and rafters, we're finally getting a feel for how the kitchen will fit together. Shown in the photo below is a rough marking showing where we'll build our island.

It's oddly fun to have our only working shower in the kitchen (detail below).

old bathroom in kitchen

original kitchen sub-floor

The subfloors were made from beautiful, wide board planks—several of which spanned the entire length of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much we could do to salvage them. As shown above and below, past work involved cutting access hatches and a few boards had started rotting from water damage. All the planks were thin when originally milled.

forced air vent

February was a month of great progress with our downstairs bathroom.

We finished gutting the old bathroom and 'working sink' and framed back in the walls. We also started plotting out our floor plan.

Unfortunately, our plumber needed to cut through the old flooring to do his work. Shown below is the aftermath of his initial investigation.

We'll also have a bit more work ahead of us to figure out what to do with the remaining walls and ceilings. For now, I left in the original plaster as a fun visual reminder of how it was originally finished.

Below you can see how the old forced air system was built into the chimney. We'll change the doors around in this space and make it into a coat room.

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