Throughout January, we attempted to maintain a balance between getting more work done on the house and keeping it tidy.

Here's a shot of our relatively tidy back room. Taped off in the middle is my imaginary line for the new kitchen wall. We'll convert the space between the line and stud wall into a pantry and a closet for the bedroom.

We also made more progress on the kitchen itself:

The partition wall is starting to come out. Shown above, we use a single beam to prop up the ceiling while we await the new wood for the beam.

Looking down the line where the wall used to be. You can see the back 'work area' (shown a few photos above). Notice that we made our cut for the kitchen floor!

With the wall gone, one can also better appreciate the size of the kitchen. The photo above is looking down into the space from just behind the old partition wall.

Certainly the kitchen ceilings had been re-done a few times over the years...

We also managed to finish exposing the back chimney. [Clearly it'll need a bit of work before it starts looking pretty, but we're liking the progress.]

So we continue to slowly start making our old house into our new home. Below, you can see Anna deliberating how to organize our living room as a temporary kitchen.

And I continue to help beautify our home by tending to our flowers :)