While falling behind in terms of blogging, progress on the house has been tremendous.

This October is brisk but sunny. Anna and I opted to avail of the beautiful weather by working outdoors. Note that we ripped out the evergreen shrubs that were in front of the house (for comparison, check out our before photos).

The next one to come down will be the one next to the sun room, which currently obstructs the view of our front door.

We've also been making progress with demolition. We've fully exposed the old exterior wall that is situated between the kitchen and the 'library' room. We'll be taking this wall out and extending the kitchen the entire length of the house

In the 'gallery' room (to become our master bedroom), we've taken down a lot of the sheet rock.

We've also managed to clean out the old furniture from the kitchen and to clear out the debris we had piled up in it.

It's been a good week!

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